Saturday, February 21, 2015

Snow and cold

Cold cold days in the East coast

This bird was the only animal around on the first day of snow. It was a relief to see him/his flying around the porch the following day.

Squirrels ok too, if tails really scruffy in these temperatures!.
After backyard update, next subject: Target's Valentine's clearance just happened and I was here for it!. Didn't think that any probable, but life, you never know. A pic of my 70% off bounty on what I call St Chocotines!! -I'll spare you the kitchenware bounty, but let's just say I can now bake hearts and nerdy messages all sizes and kinds!-
A little something to snack on while watching the oscars.. fingers crossed for Lost stars for best song (terrible lyrics aside), "Begin again" wasn't the movie of the decade but it was really enjoyable, and to my surprise Mr Levine's performance/acting at the end was spot on lump in throat stuff. Otherwise I suppose it should be Glen Campbell. But the oscars choices are usually such a joke.. at least hope that bland bore of Legend's doesn't get it.
I don't know why but now I can watch Palladia on my tv, loving that too, some programs on I'd never even heard of. Speaking of Campbell I was watching some old Jools Holland and he was on, a younger Chris Martin and Sia watching and dancing to his song...suddenly I felt very old. Martin had not yet started dating way younger girls, had not yet uncoupled G -who wasn't advising uterus steaming and worse-. Sia was not writing songs for Beyonce and Rihanna, and was in for quite the long hiatus and internal turmoil, which thankfully had a happy ending and a coupling. Me, I hope I'm just older and wiser, having seen what I've seen.
And watching Daryl Hall eating and praising jamon de bellota in his "Live from" the other day was quite priceless!. I had to post it- Good for him!!. Indeed at this moment I'd give most of my chocolates for a few slices of that.
Post Oscars PS: Lol look who won. And..this, what happened to him?. It was truly quite bad, all of it. Never mind, I've sympathy for people who make mistakes, get nervous, have strong emotions. Don't have any sympathy though for a guy who chooses a wife who can be so irritating in only two camera shots -good luck with that! said gossipy me.
Another 2 backyardingans doing fine:

Saturday, March 9, 2013

At last: acknowledging food allergies.
Thanks so much to the New York Times Magazine for choosing food allergies for its next Sunday's edition cover. A most important issue that is yet most incomprehensibly ignored by Health and Education organisms in most places, the media...society.  So people in general are clueless, or worse: full of mistaken ideas thinking they know when they don't.
This is specially sad here because that ignorance is these children's biggest danger. If people were aware of a few simple facts they would be so much safer. And they deserve to be.
Thankfully there are parents, doctors like Nadeau and organizations fighting hard to raise awareness and making big advances. FARE  is one of the most active, its youtube channel here. Pls get informed, chances are that sooner or later you'll interact with these parents and their children (after all it now affects 1 in 13 children, in different degrees from mild to severe), pls take them seriously. And please bear in mind that unfortunately, and contrary to general judgement, when talking precautions they (we) are not exaggerating.
While the NYTM piece mainly talks about a new trial, it still provides a very good insight into the world of children with severe food allergies.
Read the whole article, The allergy buster, here.
Regarding how serious it is, you can read this.
Update 2014:
This other article, "What parents of kids with food allergies want you to know", is also very informative.
For parents of children with allergies, this will ring a bell, to me specially 4, 6, 16 and 18. Ugg.