Thursday, October 30, 2014

Please join the Blue pumpkin Halloween!

I just came across this, really moving. Loving these blue pumpkins so much -there's one for each city with houses giving non food treats to children with food allergies this Halloween.

It's wonderful and sad at the same time because yes, there's that much people (mostly children) affected by food allergies and that is such a bitter pill to swallow.
If you find it in your heart, just print out the poster here, put it on your door and get yourself some non food treats for a few dollars. It's impossible not letting these children go treat or tricking with their friends and it's really hard to watch how over and over they get this awesome candy they can't eat (parents trade them for safe treats when they get home, but it's not the same and when they do get something they can actually eat or enjoy their faces glow).
Hoping there is a cure, but even more crossing fingers to find out why this is happening so this epidemic can be stopped and no more families have to go through it.
No blue pumpkin in Spain because I've moved, otherwise there would be :).
Sorry for all the allergies stuff but too many people out there not knowing/ not wanting to understand it, doing a lot of harm, causing a lot of pain.
As for music, to compensate a bit, heard Linnea Olsson's "Breaking and Shaking"? Quite awesome.. and bursting with life and good vibes, which is good for the night of the dead. And for the sweet times that follow, new Jessie Ware's "Sweetest song" and Elizabeth & The Catapult's "Sugar covered poison"?. Seems fitting.. or any of Maroon 5's V's first few songs (nothing to do with Halloween but sooo catchy, who cares!).
Went to a Halloween Pre-party the other day (that's a first!), there were some cool treats easily adaptable to allergy friendly: jell-o petri dishes with sprinkles etc, and chocolate dipped apples:
Online there's lots of halloween candy free of most allergens, bought this rat, was a big hit. Enjoy Halloween!!
PS Just seen the Animals video, gosh, turns out it's the most halloweenish of the whole selection!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

At last: acknowledging food allergies.
Thanks so much to the New York Times Magazine for choosing food allergies for its next Sunday's edition cover. A most important issue that is yet most incomprehensibly ignored by Health and Education organisms in most places, the media...society.  So people in general are clueless, or worse: full of mistaken ideas thinking they know when they don't.
This is specially sad here because that ignorance is these children's biggest danger. If people were aware of a few simple facts they would be so much safer. And they deserve to be.
Thankfully there are parents, doctors like Nadeau and organizations fighting hard to raise awareness and making big advances. FARE  is one of the most active, its youtube channel here. Pls get informed, chances are that sooner or later you'll interact with these parents and their children (after all it now affects 1 in 13 children, in different degrees from mild to severe), pls take them seriously. And please bear in mind that unfortunately, and contrary to general judgement, when talking precautions they (we) are not exaggerating.
While the NYTM piece mainly talks about a new trial, it still provides a very good insight into the world of children with severe food allergies.
Read the whole article, The allergy buster, here.
Regarding how serious it is, you can read this.
Update 2014:
This other article, "What parents of kids with food allergies want you to know", is also very informative.